Appeal a private parking ticket (PCN)

Appeal a private parking ticket (PCN)

If you receive a parking ticket (PCN) from a parking company, you can (and should) appeal it – but you need to act quickly.

However, you are unlikely to get your ticket cancelled if you write an ordinary letter appealing to common sense (for instance, that you needed to attend a hospital appointment, or had to drop your child off at school). In practice, you must give the parking company a legal reason why the ticket is legally invalid.

If you wish to appeal a private parking ticket, you can use the free parking ticket appeal template generator here. This lets you generate an appeal letter based on reasons why the PCN is likely to be legally invalid, which makes reference to the Consumer Protection (from Unfair Trading) Regulations 2008, the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the common law principles of contract law and trespass, the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, as well as finally the relevant Code of Practice that the parking company in question is a subscriber to.

While there is no guarantee that the appeal generator will work, it is certainly better than ignoring the ticket or writing a letter that fails to specify why the ticket is legally invalid.

Contact us if you are unsure whether your case is right for the appeals tool. The tool supports the following grounds:

  • I paid to park / own a permit
  • I have a parking space in a residential block
  • I did not see the parking signs and they were not clearly visible
  • The ticket machine was out of order
  • I am injured / disabled and this is why I overstayed
  • I did not overstay / I overstayed by 10 minutes or less
  • I do not own the car / I was not driving
  • I was breastfeeding my child
  • I was acting under an emergency
  • I got the ticket parking outside of England / Wales
  • Paying this ticket would cause me undue hardship